Display Solutions and Evoke create a unique interactive mirrored video wall

Evoke specialises in providing bespoke kiosk systems to a number of customers across the retail, commercial and public sectors. When there was a requirement to develop a feature rich interactive multi-functional kiosk, Evoke turned to long and trusted partner Display Solutions for their digital signage expertise.

“We turned to Display Solutions as they have always delivered fantastic customer service and the latest digital signage solutions at competitive prices. Display Solutions met our requirements, which enabled us to provide the customised panels to our client within three weeks. All parties involved were extremely happy with the end result, and we believe this type of application will play a big role in the future of high street retail.”

Benjamin Jones, Head of Design & Development, Evoke Creative

From components to complete solutions...

Display Solutions Kiosk

The project was to create Reflect; a versatile and modular kiosk family enabling Evoke to approach their existing clients with a unique product across multiple market sectors. Within the retail environment the Reflect kiosk would be a unique interactive point-of-sale (POS) system that would improve the customer experience while enabling the retailer to open up new revenue streams and gain potential cost savings. One of the primary requirements was that shoppers would be able to use the interactive display as a mirror and would replace existing mirrors in the stores.


To meet the specifications Display Solutions provided 32” panels to be positioned in portrait mode on top of each other, with a DisplayTouch 99” infrared (IR) touchscreen overlay.  Three screens and one overlay make up one application. An initial pilot of 10 units with a leading sports fashion retailer proved the concept and they have since placed orders to roll the product out across their European estate.


“The system allows users to spend less time finding the right product, with the opportunity to search and buy a product if it’s not in stock. It can also mean queuing time for information and payment is reduced,” began Benjamin Jones, Head of Design & Development at Evoke. “The kiosk software can reduce the number of lost sales during peak periods, automate up-selling, provide in-store supplier advertising and gain customer contact details, even when a sale is not made. All of these advantages add up to an increased revenue flow.”


The 32” LED displays were selected as they have a particularly slim bezel. Offering high resolution of 1920 x 1080, the panels can display full HD images and videos simultaneously across all three screens. The DisplayTouch multi-touch 99” IR overlay allows for up to 10 point touch, providing a reliable, user friendly solution, detecting essentially any input including those from a gloved hand.


The applications are powered by an Intel® Core i7 embedded PC and use Microsoft Office custom UI Windows 7 software to allow customers to browse the online shop, and order products online or into the store and therefore further improves the customer experience.


“After considering capacitive touch we realised we would experience problems with accuracy and decided the IR overlay from our in house DisplayTouch range would be the best fit for this application due to its size and capabilities,” explained Brendan O’Reilly, Product Manager at Display Solutions. “Unlike Capacitive technology, IR touchscreens do not require any transparent conductor patterning on the glass, which increases durability and optical clarity of the overall system, making this an ideal solution for a point of sale kiosk.”


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