Audio visual technology is used by retailers, both small and large, not only to improve the customer experience but also to open up new revenue streams and gain potential cost savings.

We supply a range of products from touch overlays from EETI and DisplayTouch through to complete POS solutions from AAEON and Avalue.

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Retailers are beginning to offer even more in store ordering options through POS systems, such as interactive mirrors. This type of technology requires multi-touch technology and panels that can display full HD images and videos.

Zero bezel touch monitors are becoming more and more popular, often incorporating an Infrared (IR) or Protected Capacitive (PCAP) touch screen overlay.

These systems also need to be able to withstand rugged environments in terms of weather elements, as well cope with dirt, dust and even vandalism.

We’ve recently worked with Evoke to create an interactive mirror display. You can read the full case study here.

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