Computer Systems

Our partners in the Far East design and manufacture a variety of industrial PC’s and intelligent systems from rackmount to barebones, as well as modular units.

We offer a wide range of pre-built systems as well as the ability to purchase a barebones system which can be customised using components from our industrial components partners which we can assemble in house.

Modular systems allow us to provide you with a mechanically sound system throughout your fleet of products all while providing different I/O and board solutions within the chassis.

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Shuttle DH02U

More Robust than Ever: 1 liter PC with NVIDIA graphics and 4 x HDMI View >


The VPC-5600S is an in-vehicle computing platform designed for meta-data collection for big-data analysis while enabling users to receive multiple tailored video streams. View >
Shuttle DH170

Shuttle DH170

With an Intel® graphics engine built-in, the DH170 can support 4K/Ultra HD video playback, making it the perfect solution for large digital signage applications. View >
Shuttle XH81

Shuttle XH81

XH81 is a low noise media PC, capable of running 4K displays, featuring two Gigabit-LAN interfaces for server applications, two serial COM ports and two digital video outputs. View >
Avalue EMS-SKLU-Marine

Avalue EMS-SKLU-Marine

The Avalue EMS-SKLU-Marine is a fanless IEC EN60945 marine certified box PC featuring 4 COM isolations which provide 2.5KV isolation protection. View >


Utilising the Intel® Core™ i5-4402E Processor, the system is certified with E-mark/ISO-7637 for vehicle power standards, making it ideally suited for in-vehicle applications. View >


The BOXER-6313U utilises the latest fan less Intel Atom E3845 1.91GHz processor for powerful computing with the benefit of a low power, fan less design. View >

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